The receiver of the Beretta SO10 over-and-under, depicting exquisitely double ribbed top moldings, blends elegantly with the classic tapered external profile of the Beretta barrels. The top moldings have been gracefully slimmed to offer the best lateral vision during aiming.

The absence of pins and screws on the surface of the receiver has given the Master Engraver an uninterrupted blank canvas on which to express his full creativity. The polishing of the surfaces is done entirely by hand.

The internal mechanism of the side plates is embellished by a fine hand-engraving inspired by   the same motif of the external decoration.
All the metal parts of the Beretta patented, Holland & Holland type firing mechanism have been refined and retouched by hand. The final result is a genuine jewel.

The top lever, made from a solid block of steel, has been elongated and positioned closer to the breech face  in order to render the opening of the barrels smoother.  The absence of a retaining screw on the top lever has given the Master Engraver a wider uninterrupted surface that can  be engraved.

The safety on the open top lever blocks the firing mechanism if the receiver is not completely closed.
An automatic safety, that engages when opening the top lever, is available on request.

The extended trigger guard is manufactured from a solid block of steel. Encased within the grip, it adds a further touch of elegance to the shotgun. No part is welded or precision cast.

The slender and elegant fore-end is further embellished by the newly designed fore-end catch lever with hidden retaining screws.