The locking system of the Beretta SO10 over-and-under features a rear longitudinal bolt operating in a central position (between the two tubes), making the opening of the barrels  smooth and noiseless, and minimizing stress when firing. Two additional lugs, located in the lower part of the receiver, further increase the  strength and the efficiency of the locking system.

As on the other Beretta SO models, the classic trapezoidal locking shoulders of the barrels work in contrast with the shoulders of the receiver.

The hinge pins can be replaced after intensive use.

The side locks are designed for years of constant use and flawless performance. Safe and reliable, they boast a crisp trigger pull and fast lock times.

The classic Beretta sideplates can be disassembled by hand by way of two robust hidden keys, facilitating inspection and maintenance of the firing mechanism. The visible internal parts, all newly designed, are superbly finished and engraved by hand.

 The new Beretta SO10 over-and-under boasts demibloc barrels, manufactured for the first time using an exclusive process of cold hammer forging. The perfect concentricity of the tubes obtained with this system ensures lightweight barrels and exceptional strength. Years of flawless performance are guaranteed. Two bands on the sides of the barrels help fitting between the fore-end and the tubes,  and enhance the contact of the fore-end with the surface of the barrels. The two bands, together with the side and top ribs, are soft-soldered using a low-fusion alloy that causes less deformation of the steel during welding and preserves the outstanding properties of flexibility, and high tensile and impact strength. The top rib is finely hand checkered to reduce glare.



The new screw-in Beretta Optimachoke® tubes, with elongated cone, boast an internal profile specifically designed to enhance the concentration and distribution of shot patterns and to minimize shot deformation. The thin walls of the choke tubes optimise barrel balance and reduce the overall weight. 

The Beretta SO10 over-and-under features newly designed ejectors, precisely guided on the demibloc barrels to ensure flawless extraction and ejection of the cartridges. The contact area between the ejectors and the shell rim has been increased to improve the efficiency of the cartridge catching.